Our Facilities

At Honeyland Schools, we are much aware of the importance and role the environment plays in maximizing potentials and harnessing the abundant resources available in our children and handlers to produce the total child; we have taken our learning environment with all seriousness and that is why we have put in place top of the range facilities for both the creche, nursery, primary and secondary school.

Spacious and Well Equipped Classrooms

All our CLASSROOMS are spacious, well ventilated, fully air-conditioned with electronic smart boards to facilitate effective and modern learning technique.

School’s Orchestra

The art is supported and given priority with the SCHOOL’S ORCHESTRA handled by a professional in the field, having a music room with keyboards, flute, strings, drums etc. All these are made available to students in order to discover and develop their musical talents.

Modern Audio-Visual Teaching Aids

MODERN AUDIO AND INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS are available with the provision of state of the art audio visual equipments to make learning indeed, fun.


THE SCHOOL LIBRARY is equipped and managed by qualified librarian, offering varieties of literary and research facilities, for further reading and research purposed for the students. Every book in the library is classified according to its subject area with effective circulation system.

Well Equipped Sickbay With Qualified

Qualified nurses attend to the medical needs of the students. The school is also registered with an approved hospital for cases requiring special attention.

Ultramodern Laboratories

Honeyland college is a science oriented school with well equipped physics, chemistry and biology laboratories, our students are exposed to pratical works and laboratory experimentation. Here, we lay emphasis on guided discovery and laboratory method.
Science fair is a traditional event in Honeyland College. The Schools engage in state and national Mathematics competitions both at the primary and secondary level.

World Class Boarding Facilities

Honeyland schools boarding system encourage students to live as members of a community with the consciousness that they live their lives affects the community as a whole.
Hostel life in Honeyland is planned to encourage interdependence and home training in a free but monitored environment.
The hostels consist of clean and comfortable boys and girls hostels where the daily routine and boarding life is monitored bt the resident house parent.

Computer Based Teaching Equipment


Home Economics Lab

THE HOME ECONOMICS section facilitates the teaching and learning of good food, hygiene, home, family living and core values. This is done in our well equipped and standard Home Economics laboratory on one-on-one supervision by seasoned teachers.

New Fleet of Buses For Effective

The school runs a First Class Transport system with trained and experienced drivers.

Constant Power Supply (Powered by
super sound proof generators)

Uninterrupted power supply is ensured by Super Soundproof Power generators.